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POSTED BY Jack Farrell May 8, 2019 in News
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EVENT RECAP: Gears Of War Pro Circuit Season 2 Finals 2019

We’re no stranger to the Gears pro scene, but a Top Four finish in the two-on-two event ensured that Boston felt Fatal Ambition’s presence.

Throughout the Hynes Convention Center, there was a thunderous thumping of music pulsating from the top floor. The energy from the exhibition hall spread throughout, and the closer one got to the epicenter, the more immersed in Gears of War one felt. Stepping through the admission doors, a shadow-steeped room became illuminated by many different lasers and projectors. A laser-red skull-and-cog insignia stretched across the length of the black carpet at the entrance, a burning searchlight for the entertainment that awaited just inside. Past the entrance, a sea of seats filled with cheering fans, watching a game on the fascinatingly high-tech mainstage. Mainstage gameplay exploded through the speakers, punctuated by the breathless commentary of the casters watching, trying desperately to keep up with the mounting roar of the action. Opposite to them, arrays of smaller LAN setups lined with hopeful contestants chattered with high-octane gameplay and the occasional war cry. In the middle of all this action, the Fatal Ambition crew played, and with each victory, we felt the energy of the room turn to our attention. Whispers of our rank and file became crowds of attendees that stopped to watch our team perform in our favorite game.

That, truly, was music to our ears.

Our Gears team may have been composed just for this event, but the synergy, communication, and friendship that developed over the three days represents the gold standard of Fatal Ambition’s mission statement. We are impressed and honored to have acquired such professional players for our Boston appearance. Our team (full roster available here) played incredibly well, and even managed to make waves against over fifty possible teams in the two-on-two, netting us a Top Four finish. The two-on-two team, comprised of BGod (Bryan Godinez) and Cristalize (Alonso Ortiz), performed exceptionally, letting the Gnashers and evasive acrobatics do most of the talking in gameplay. Right behind them, Fatal Ambition staffers and players cheered excitedly with each round taken. Close-calls, comebacks, and complete command of the scoreboard and part-and-parcel of any competitive gaming event, but Fatal Ambition’s spirit does it like no other. Eventually, our side became full of people noticing the jerseys, the synergy, and the standings of our top-seeded Gears team. They quickly turned to fans, watching BGod quickly scoop two back-to-back kills in a sudden death situation.

We are forever impressed and grateful for the opportunity to compete and show people #OurFate. Those three days in Boston for the Gears of War Pro Circuit finals certainly proved our meddle, and we would be happy to play it loud one more time for all our fans.