SMITE – A new era

POSTED BY jeff360mlg August 1, 2019 in Gaming, News
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A new champion is unlocked

Fatal Ambition, primarily known for our dominant teams in FPS games such as Call of Duty, Halo, and Gears of War, has recently entered the world of SMITE. The entrance into the world of SMITE marks a new era in Fatal Ambition history, expansion and prestige. We are no longer only an FPS or even a shooter-game based organization, rather, we are moving forward and expanding into other esports. We look forward to what we can accomplish in SMITE and hope that our fans enjoy the new that we bring to the table.

This is only the beginning #OurFate

With that said, let’s meet the team

Jonathan “Not A Pen” Ziobrowski

IGL and Hunter

Pen got into esports roughly six years ago with Mr.TGV, as the two started out playing Call of Duty Gamebattles. Mr. TGV introduced Not A Pen to Smite during its beta phase. Not playing competitive smite until season 3, and winning a challenger cup during season 4. Pen reached the pro league during season 6 relegations captaining his current roster.  

Travis “Mr. TGV” Vannatter


Starting out playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 gamebattles through Advanced Warfare, TGV transitioned into Smite during the Beta. Getting into the amateur competitive scene from season 3 to 4, then stopping only to return in season 6 and making into the pro league with the current lineup.

Joseph “Soul Reaper” Rodriguez

Mid Laner

Starting back in season 2 and after grinding until achieving grandmaster, Reaper climbed through the ranks in the competitive world. Teaming with Pitbull from 2019, the two made it into the SCL with the current lineup.

Daniel “Pitbull” Toress-Medina

Solo Laner

Starting out in season 2, Pitbull played until hitting grandmaster and finally transitioning into competitive league play. Having won a challenger cup in season 4 with Not A Pen, and teaming with SoulReaper at the start of 2019, Pitbull was a perfect fit for the lineup.

Tenghe “Stryder Pr1me” Wang


Like many, Stryder started out playing FPS games. Once introduced to SMITE, he quickly transitioned over. During season 3, Stryder won a few challenger cups then took a break from competitive league play, only to return to team with Not A Pen in season 6. During season 6 summer relegations, Stryder qualified for the SCL.